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Q: What are the system requirements for UmbiliCAD?

Α: Hardware:
Minimum requirements:
-Processor: Intel® or AMD, equivalent to 1,5GHz. Multiple cores are not utilized.
-Memory: 1GB RAM (depending on the load of other software running on the PC).
-Video: Any (UmbiliCAD does not utilize GPU for calculations).
-Screen resolution: 1024 x 768. (But certain windows will have to be scrolled in this low resolution)
-Storage: 50 MB conventional hard drive storage space for installation and workspace.

Recommended specifications:
-Processor: Intel® or AMD, equivalent to 2.5 GHz or more. Multiple cores are not
-utilized. Focus: Less cores and higher GHz to optimize cost/benefit.
-Memory: 4 GB RAM or more.
-Video: Any (UmbiliCAD does not utilize GPU for calculations).
-Screen resolution: 1920 x 1080 (Full HD) or more.
-Storage: 100 MB storage space for installation and workspace.

-Operating System: Windows 7 , 8 and 10
-32 / 64 bit: Both supported.
-Service pack level: Any.
-NET Framework 3.5 (Included in Windows 7 and newer).

Q: How much demand does UmbiliCAD place on the computer system?

Α: Due to efficient code, UmbiliCAD puts comparatively low demands on the computer system. The
software has proven to work well on laptops and Microsoft Surface Pro tablets.

Q: How large is the application?

Α: The installation size is approximately 25 MB with all plug-ins installed.

Q: What size will output files be?

Α: Typical file size per cross section is approximately 250KB. The user may store several cross sections in one file, which will cause file sizes to increase in proportion to the number of stored cross sections.

Q: What licensing options are available?

Α: Only node-locked licenses are available. Our node-lock is provided as a USB dongle. The dongle
allows one single instance of UmbiliCAD to be run on one single PC at a time.
Installation involves the following steps:

1. Installation of UmbiliCAD from the latest installation package provided as a download from
our web site or provided via e-mail upon purchase.
2. Implementation of a license file, provided via e-mail upon purchase. The e-mail contains
instructions on how to install the license file.
3. Insertion of the dongle.

Q: What kind of node-lock is available for the license?

Α: Ultra Deep LLC provides a USB hardware dongle when UmbiliCAD is leased. A USB hardware dongle
is also required to run the demo version.

Q: How many users can the USB dongle support?

Α: One user per dongle. Only one program instance can be run on one computer at a time.

Q: Are there any licence restrictions for usage?

Α: Ultra Deep LLC adheres to the United States Export Administration Regulations.

Q: Does Ultra Deep LLC provide an existing library of umbilical tubes, cables, etc. for UmbiliCAD?

Α: A limited library of standard components such as signal cables, power cables and fiber optic cables
is included. The library can be extended by the user’s own designs.

Q: Can output files be saved, and may I re-use them in the event of required changes? Or must the cross section be made from scratch?

Α: Cross section drawings are stored in binary file format and can be opened in UmbiliCAD for change
and re-calculation. Results from calculations can be saved in drawings.

Q: What is the format of output files, graphics, and text (tables etc.)?

Α: Output from calculations can be copied as text to other applications. Graphics and tables can be
copied as “Enhanced Metafile (EMF)” to other windows applications. Cross sections can be exported as
AutoCAD DXF. Cross section can also be exported in text file format.

Q: What kinds of elements are supported?

Α: The following elements are available:
-Tapes and fabric wrappings
-Circular and rectangular armor wires
-Electrical conductor strands and layers
-Fillers (circular, profiles, rope)
-Thermoplastic hoses
-General component/equivalent material properties and capacities

Q: Is UmbiliCAD capable of designing and analyzing thermoplastic hoses?

Α: UmbiliCAD has limited support for designing thermoplastic hoses. However, thermoplastic
may be modeled by a general element. The general element requires the following material properties
in order to model the hose:
-OD: Outer diameter of the hose
-ID: Inner diameter of the hose
-Mass: Mass per unit length
-EA: Axial stiffness
-EI: Bend stiffness
-Max. allowable tension or max. allowable elongation
-Max. allowable curvature or min. allowable bending radius

Q: How can multiple users share the same material database for UmbiliCAD?

Α: The material database is a text file and is located by default on the user’s local disk. The path to the
material database may be changed in UmbiliCAD. Sometimes a global database located on a central
server is preferable. The material database is not likely to change very often, and a simple solution for
ensuring that everybody use the latest available material database could be to copy the global
material database from a server to the local computer every time UmbiliCAD is started. This can be
done using a simple batch script.

Q: Are there any extensions available for UmbiliCAD?

Α: UmbiliCAD supports the following minimum plug-in/interface module(s):
-UltraBOM (Bill of Material)
-UmbiliCADAPI (.NET software interface for Client plug-in development)
-UltraDXF (Export to dxf)

Q: How will I know about new software releases?

Α: In general, new releases are posted on the Ultra Deep web page. Current Clients will be informed by

Q: What is the delivery date of software from PO?

Α: Software and license key is sent electronically. Shipment of dongle(s) depends on available / chosen
carrier. –Usually 3-4 days. We ship the dongle as demo with no value to avoid delay in customs.

Q: How can I be sure that UmbiliCAD software is virus or malware free?

Α: Standard anti-virus software is being used for testing for known viruses before each release. We can
provide checksum upon demand.

Q: Is it possible to lease the software without support / training / consultancy?

Α: Software support, maintenance and updates are included in the lease, and sold as mandatory in
order for Ultra Deep LLC to continually update and support UmbiliCAD.
Ultra Deep offers engineering support consultancy for Clients who need support during bid and R&D
phases according to present engineering rates. In addition, we also provide verification (on demand) in
project work according to present engineering rates.

Q: How much training will I have to plan for in order to efficiently use the software?

Α: Ultra Deep offers training if requested by the Client. The software is easy to use and the – usually
few – training sessions we have provided so far has proven to be more than sufficient for our
customers. An informative “workshop” approach works very well, and is better suited than a
traditional educational format.

Q: Are there any videos available for me to see UmbiliCAD in action?

Α: Training videos will be available on our web site. You will also find a YouTube training seminar here:

Q: Do you happen to know if it is possible to communicate with UmbiliCAD using python programming language?

A: The prefered way to communicate with UmbiliCAD is through the UmbiliCAD.NET API ising C# or VB
programming languages. However, it should be possible to communicate using IronPython
http://ironpython.net or Python for .NET http://pythonnet.sourceforge.net .
Please note that we have not done any testing and cannot offer support
on Python intergration.

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